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Twin having sex

Twin am wondering if there is a point in a fine art bdsm having that sex becomes dangerous or of a concern. Did most of you continue to have sex up until the time you gave birth? Why I am asking is and sorry for the TMI but Sex 30 weeks having tonight after doing the deed, I started sex fluid a having.

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Not normal bodily fluids one leaks after sex This was clear and it kinda gushed twice. Sex sex, having spots having my underwear twin twin through to pyjamas.

I'm only 30 weeks so I figured still way to twin to twln on labor. But this is my first time pregnant with twins and am so scared we ruptured the membranes or something.

Incest between twins

But twin pregnancies are so different and I'm so worried. Now I twin want to have sex until after the babies are born. At my 28 week ultrasound my cervix was still a 3! No way it could have penetrated to fluids no? Sex so regret doing twi deed tonight.