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Tower of power ebony jam drum tab

Castillo had played in several bands, but Castillo's father told his son to "hire that guy" after a home gay ass fuck video. Ebony Miller performed most of the lead vocals toeer this debut album. With Rick Stevens power replacing Rufus Miller as lead singer, 's Bump Tower gave the band their first national exposure.

Ebony Jam Tower Of Power Bass Cover(Fender Jazz Bass CB) - May Patcharapong -

This album included the hit single "You're Still a Young Man", which peaked at 29 on the Billboard Hot and was Stevens' pinnacle vocal escort gteborg before leaving the band.

Tower of Powerreleased in the spring ofwas the third album for the band. Drum featured Lenny Williams on lead vocals and Lenny Pickett on tab tenor saxophone. Bruce Conte replaced guitarist Willie Fulton and keyboardist Chester Thompson also joined the band during the recording of the album. This was jam group's most successful album.

Tower of Power

Although the single peaked at 17 on the Billboard Hot[4] it landed in the Top 10 on the surveys of many West Coast Top 40 radio stations, hitting 1 on many of them.

On Urban Renewalthe band moved more toward funk than soul; however, they continued recording ballads as well. Williams left the band in lateand was replaced as vocalist by Hubert Tubbs. Though the band remained popular, their days of chart radio airplay declined.