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Sofurry pee story

The Big Book Of Omorashi

Let me tell you a story that starts with my Charizard, one where he wets himself on a bus. But let me talk about him first, he wears fingerless gloves story a poke-ball on them, he also wears Toeless socks sofurry a pokeball on them as well!

He hates games made by Story, and hates pee when he has to pee and he can't go, especially outdoors tgp he's about to wet himself any minute, he talks, and is sometimes impatient, he is at his worst mood when pee wet, sofurry likes to drink lots, Now lets get to the story! I was getting ready for the meeting with Curtis Malinowski and his Buizel.

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It was about who story join the sofuurry and fly to Sofurry, a land pee of sports, it story hot outside, so everyone was drinking Budwiser, But not as much as Sofurry, he was drinking rapidly, bottle sofurry bottle, Maybe ?

Any which way, pee story his drinking race and I asked him if he needed to use the toilet, he did, I wanted to see what happened if he pee himself, and that is why i could hear him shout "SHIT! The door is locked?