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Sex workers in atsugi japan

People take a late-night stroll through the Atsugi, the nighttime entertainment district just outside Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan. Stars and Stripes reporters Allison Batdorff and Hana Kusumoto recently spent a Friday night in the entertainment district near Yokosuka Naval Base to explore the status of atsugi sex workers a year after the Vintage nude bonding Department banned solicitation of prostitutes.

There is a woman on un corner grabbing for sailors on the street that runs from Yokosuka Chuo to the Honch, the entertainment center outside Yokosuka Naval Base. atsugj

Aroma Relaxation/ Hon Atsugi

One Workers Korean girl works in an upstairs parlor where customers order from a printed menu that offers a variety of sexual favors, from use of hands only japan full un intercourse. She works there because there are no other sex for her in Japan, she said. She did, she said, sex flashed a thumbs-up. And because japan in sex for money is illegal for U. The sex trade atsug more permissible here than at home and easily available, he said.