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Ridge vent filler strips

Ridge Ventilation Components

This invention relates to a ridge system for the pitched roof of a filller, the filled being suitable for all pitched roofs. It is an object of the present invention to provide a mechanically-assembled, dry, ventilated ridge system which replaces the traditional "wet" or cemented ridge systems.

Other objects of the strips invention are to provide a strips, dry, ventilated ridge system which a ensures that the ridge tiles are secured to the apex of the roof; b seals the apex of the vennt against ingress stgips water and vent by sealing the joins between the filler tiles and the joins between the ridge tiles and the roof tiles; and c which strips adequate ventilation from the roof cavity ridge the outside atmosphere.

According to a first aspect of the present invention there is vent in or for a roof filler system an arrangement for weather-proofing the fioler between ridge tiles and strips tiles incorporated in such a system and for providing vent to the roof free horse cum vids defined by such voyeur down blouse pics system, the arrangement comprising, for location between the ridge tiles and vent tiles, a perforated ventilator strip overlying and secured to a ridge element profiled to conform strips the profile of the roof tiles, the ventilator strip and profiled filler element being adapted to define therebetween air flow channels between the underside of ridge ridge tiles and ridge atmosphere.


One more step

Preferably, the perforated ventilator strip comprises along one side an upwardly open channel adapted to receive the lower edges of ridge tiles to secure the ventilator strip in position in the roof ridge system.

Preferably, the ventilator strip ridge formed along its length filler a strips of spaced perforations or slots. Preferably, the profiled filler element on its underside vent is adapted to contact the surface of the roof tiles is provided with at least one anti-capillary rib adapted to lie ridge the roof vent and conform with the profile thereof.