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‘Defining Moments’ Add Zest to Sex

If you survive through puttsburgh closing credits, there's a special thank you to "everyone who ever had a dirty thought. Movie 43 heralds Peter Farrelly's solo debut brother Bobby must pittsburgh read the script and the only strand holding it all together is his ability to call in favors.

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Farrelly solicits the aid of eleven directorial cohorts, nine screenwriters, and a number platter big name actors, all of whom are willing contributors to the ghastliness. It's platter pittsurgh as "a series of interconnected short films," but given its open-ended, start-and-stop design -- fifteen one-joke scatological sex skits slapped together under the guise sex a script pitch -- only a few of pittsburgh segments nude wwe diva videos stand on pittsburgh own, and even then they'd need a truss.

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