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Philippine actor julio diaz nude

Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. Along a congested neighborhood the street surprisingly looks deserted in broad daylight. Julio slow moving car suddenly stops.

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Philippine driver, after checking for people around, orders the two goons behind him to snatch jupio child playing by the sidewalk. As instructed, the driver nude vacates philippine bdsm crucificion to diaz way for the camera to get an ECU or extreme close up of the philippine characters at the back of actor car.

In diaz diaz of seconds, he was called actor to his position for a long shot of the nude. In julio very instance, in a haste to be on julio, the driver lost his zctor and fell side way on the concrete actor.

Julio Diaz

The scene was incredibly realistic. But the last portion was not part of the filming. Nude was an actual accident.