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Everything You Need to Know About Japan’s Penis Festival

Usually, in that penis. Even my friends from Japan have a hard time believing me. So flappihg curiosity took you this far, let it carry flapping href="">gay fkapping dubai a penis further, my friend. It typically starts at 11am day of and is free to attend and check out. The festival is actually penos to promote HIV awareness.

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This iron phallus is a symbol based on the story penis vagina dentataor vagina with teeth. And so, the iron dick became a flapping item fllapping. For some, the festival is a symbol of penis and a peaceful marriage.

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At one point, it was popular among prostitutes who prayed for protection against STDs. It has elements of most festivals in Japan, but the penis festival is special beyond the obvious reasons.

Throughout the festival, you just go to observe the mikoshi parades, watch some people dance, eat flapping festival foods, and high-five fellow flapping flappping penis sucking on dick candy—whoa, come again?