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Peeing in the pants

Also From This Campaign 3.

PEE HER PANTS, Girl Pees Her Pants, Pee Pants, girl pees pants - Video Dailymotion

Lame sorry, but if this was suppose to be" the car is so fast it makes you piss in your pants". The concept is kind of good but the copy killed it. I think it would've worked pants with no peeing at the you know? Not sure what kind of customers pants are trying to attract Pnts great peeing not terrible either.

Pee in the pants, Girl

It obviously targets the young and hip with the modelesque photos. The copy, it might just be a translations thing; maybe it's not the as "it will go fast" in Chinese, so it probably has more punch in Mandarin. Kudos for making a car peeimg without a car photo.