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Pee in my goodnite

Madison's Big Secret

Forum Discussions Diaper Talk My first goodnite ;ee Results 1 to 7 of 7. My first goodnite experience Ok well I wore a goodnite for about 9 hours. Put it on once I got it pee took it off for a couple minutes to do something then put them back on.

Overall they fit me just fine.

Peeing my Goodnite | XTube Porn Video from Lacey_Cakes

I wore them out with my family to dinner something I would have never done with any other goodnite. Just so you know I didn't wet them I just liked it and what not. I wore it ky one of my goodnite and everything and I was completely relaxed. It works great, I used it for pee long while then I needed to pee and decided to i it