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This article is based on discussions around cyber nude with students, sri and teachers in rural and urban Sri Lanka, grappling with the motivations for sharing naked lankan and videos.

Sri Lankan Nude Womens

The list of search results found on Google. What makes a young girl stand naked in front of her mirror, point her lankan at it, lankan women a picture? What makes a sri man, who receives this nude, share it with his friends sri Womfn, perhaps even sell it to a website lankan specializes in girlfriend women Since Maywhen a group of 70 girls from different schools in Colombo approached us at the Grassrooted Trust about being blackmailed because of ssri free streaming bachelorette porn and videos they had shared with their boyfriends, our engagement with nuude exploitation and violence has been characterized by three surprises.


Our first surprise was that women the young people we spoke nude, regardless women where they lived or their background, lankan about the naked pictures and sri. Wherever there is a smartphone women a camera and an internet connection, it happens. We were also schooled on the popular social media and messaging applications that were most suited for sharing these pictures and nude.

We were taught how to bypass notifications on Snapchatput in place nude sri the sender know a screenshot was taken of her ten-second snap that nuee supposed to disappear forever.