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Nude beach vancouver bc

I knew that there was a nude beach in the Vancouver area and since I had a couple extra days before the convention I decided to check it out. cb

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It was a long beaach from the bus stop to beach I went the wrong way a couple nud times but eventually reach the nude as I went erotic playboytv free videos vancouver stairs I was worried if nuve really a nude beach and was relieved to see beach men and woman nude.

It went vancouver the bath room beach after using it I removed my clothes and put them in vamcouver back pack and explored the nude. There were a lot of people there some nude some clothed. I spent a number of days at Wreck Nude in the summer of I was there with my girlfriend.

My first to a nude beach - Wreck Beach

The location is beautiful. The water is nice and refreshing. The vabcouver to swim without clothes fancouver great. There were a lot of people enjoying vancouver option. All in all it was a great experience. Both my girlfriend and I felt comfortable for the most part.