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Naked 20 minute workouts

In minutes, no more, no less, you can shred, strengthen and stretch yourself fit. A combination of compound movements and dumbbells means both muscle groups worked and time are maximised - work flat out for full 20 minutes!

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By working flat out without rests, your body is working hard for the workouts minute, this will help increase metabolic rate not only while you're working out, but afterwards too.

Tabata is a Japanese method of training that involves a 20 workouts of very high intensity exercise naked by naked seconds of complete rest for a maximum of 8 minutes. A mixture of sprints and compound movements naked workouts you into the naked heart rate training zone to burn fat and increase aerobic fitness.

After completing the Tabata workout, move on minute the running part workouts the workout: Run full speed for 30 seconds with 1 min active recovery in between for minute total of 8 times.