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Mitchum deodorant for vagina sweating

What works best for vaginal odor?

Not a member yet? It's like I have hyperhydrosis of the vagina! I assume it's happening because of a shift in my hormones or something mitchum I didn't have this issue before. I mean it's so bad that it's made practicing inverted thigh hold moves nearly impossible lately not to mention dangerous. Anyone else deal with this?

Genital Sweating

I'm tempted to get some Dirty Girl and try it down there. Anyone know of any natural remedies for for body parts that might be sweating to try? I don't quite have miitchum problem as far as pole dancing goes. Though, I have this sort of issue in all other aspects of life. It's horrible, I'm just one of vagina people deodorant naturally like this, wetness and what not. Baby powder is the only thing I can recommend in the morning after fpr shower, keeps your business nice and dry.