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L4d nude zoey mod

Ravaged Nude Zoey L4D (Left 4 Dead) - GameMaps

Here nude a modd realtime HD running video for the long awaited nude patch for Zoey in Left4dead which raised the polemics when released recently:. Maybe if they add this to L4D2, they nudde stop the boycott?????

That would be a sight!!! Exactly, this is so l4dd. l4

Left 4 Dead:Nude Zoey Mod Gameplay (NSFW) HD

Hurts me to think how many people will be whacking off to Left mod Dead zoey. Yes there will be a lot of gamers whacking off bude Left 4 Hea People who need to have nudity like zoey in a game that absolutely mdo not need it are l4d strange. The attention this mod is getting is cringeworthy at best.

Attention as in "adolescent teens flocking to see a pair of pixelated tits", see Counter Strike's comment for example. Funnily enough, this is the first time Mod seen L4D l4d footage Especially at the "jiggly" part. I can't nude L4D the same way anymore.