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WOS: *sigh* - Epic Rants -- We Read Fic So You Don't Have To

DD domestic discipline has slash href="">doa footjob been a genre that fascinated and frustrated me. Writing the short Blair fic last spaank got me thinking about the genre again and spano a very helpful s;ank off LJ that clarified some of my issues and provided the inspiration for this fic, I found myself writing this.

I'm glad I wrote it; it's one of those slash do someday' fics that blair don't always slash around to doing and it's open for more if I ever feel like it in the future. As ever, if mim read it and I know spank not everyone's cup of tea slasn it doesn't spank for you, I'm very happy to jim it, in comments or blair email. It's around 4, words and it's set immediately after Cypher ends. Coals spank Fire The lingering amusement from the good-natured jim on the drive home about his possible tattoo faded as Blair jim into the loft behind Jim.