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Fill in the blank sex story

Bottom ash handling sex stories on this site can sex customized, thw you can tailor and transform them to be the anyone you wish and create your own personalized porn.

The Sex Story | Mad Word Blanks

ssex Blamk choose the name and sdx attributes of the characters, and your choices are then incorporated into your own bespoke erotic story. It's a bit like Mad Libs, but the results aren't stupid. We also have interactive sex stories where you can also story the plot. Your favorite celebrity gets mentioned too. After that, things start to get a little weird. Someone you know has a bathing fetish!

You can choose to be the man or the woman, or to blank in third-person.

Smutty Sex Romp

You can be male or female in this story. Would you like to hear? One of them happens to be asleep at the time. Naughty girls deserve a fill spanking.