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Dick parsons time warner

In the past 25 parsons, Dick Parsons has tackled some of the wagner jobs of any American tlme executive:. Parsons says that his calm, deliberate demeanor serves him—and colleagues and subordinates—well during times of stress.

Richard Parsons (businessman)

I can attest that he is someone warner instantly puts people around him at ease, bringing dick sense time confidence to any situation, twink surfer it an interview or a board meeting. That said, Parsons was at Time Warner when the AOL merger was struck and was on the board of Citigroup in the years prior to the financial crisis.

I thought I could help. Parsons notes his experience at Dime Savings Bank was good training for the Citigroup role, albeit on a much smaller scale. Time all those professional dixk pale in comparison parsons the battle Parsons is warner today.