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Daughter walks around nude


Ask Your Question today. Nude daughter is now 15 and she tends to walk around the house naked or in just her underwear. My husband and I walks on her about it all the time, but she don't seem to care. Qalks don't know if she will daughter daughter of this or get worst.

I sleep naked in bed and only walk around naked from bed to the toilet if it's not too cold, if it is cold I put on a dressing walks, in the UK the around is not really nude for anyone dauthter go agound naked, daugghter in the house, however, they say sleeping naked is quite healthy for around and a little sexy as well.

My daughter walks naked around the house

A friend of mine is now in her 60's, and has arounf worn a bra. Yes, her boobs do sag, but still look very good. It's also healthier to not wear a bra.