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Bumps on my neck after a taper haircut

Why do I have bumps on my head after a haircut? - Quora

Bumps on the back of the head haircut, particularly those that form after a close shave at a barber's bbumps, are often neck a "Baber's rash" -- sometimes, however, this ncek condition tapeg actually be acne keloidalis nuchae AKN. For that reason, you should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist near you for an in-person assessment.

The picture above depicts AKN in bumps earlier stages, in which the bumps are not yet conjoined. If left untreated, these bumps on the back of the head can join together and form a flat plaque taper tumor-like mass.

"Barber's Rash" on back of neck lasting for years?

Fortunately, there are curative treatments. If addressed after its beginning stages, laser treatment may be sufficient. In other cases, surgical removal may be necessary. The video below chronicles the surgical treatment of large bumps on the back of the hot lesbian oil massage.