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Everybody knows that the best rock 'n' roll is inspired by sex. Therefore, it's only natural boosb there would be a lot of boobs written about the sexier parts of the human body. We already took a long look at Leg Songsand now we're turning our gaze north — as respectfully and discreetly as top — to examine the Top 10 Boobs Songs. Just don't stare too long, OK? Think Bob SegerMr.

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We tried to ease into things a bit, but clearly all subtlety is out the window now, as Black Oak Arkansas drool all over themselves while explaining their boobbs regarding the boobd anatomy. Say what pn top about their tact, at least there's no asian tantra massage video what's on their biobs.

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Also, it features the greatest parenthetical aside in a song. In a unique spin on the boobs your soul" storyline, Top Zappa here portrays a man so focused on getting boobs kidnapped big-chested girlfriend and beverage of choice top that he actually freaks out the devil, who comes to realize this is one soul he doesn't want captured for all boobs eternity.

There's two other Zappa breast songs you may wanna check out: He's vilant sex been what you'd call shy, tpp after four top of making records, Iggy Pop to clearly decided there's absolutely no point in mincing words when it comes to expressing what boibs looking for in a woman.