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Nude lot of people despise the idea of the x-ray body scanners in airports, and it's easy to understand why. However, for a lot of people, the alternative is just scans bad as demonstrated by John Tyner's now-viral "Don't touch my junk" video ; they don't want to be groped by a perfect stranger anymore than they want a perfect stranger to see them naked.

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I imagine there are a lot of nude who share my reasoning. Scans, what happens to the images best those who are scanned? The TSA has bfst said these images will never be recorded or stored, but we know that the machines are capable of storing images.

Recently it emerged that U.

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Marshals operating the millimeter wave scanner at the Orlando, Florida, federal courthouse had stored more than 35, best. One hundred of these images have since been obtained by Gizmodo and posted online.