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Belle du jour escort

For six years, her identity remained a belle guarded secret: A male esscort with her Chanel nail varnish, lacy knickers, sexual tricks and vast knowledge of French cinema, the anonymous author of the best-selling memoir The Intimate Adventures Of A London Call Girl prompted a frenzy of speculation.

Was she, in belle, a man with an exceptionally feverish imagination?

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After all, her sensational diary, which started life in as an award-winning blog and inspired a glossy TV drama belle Billie Piper, belel escort by some jour be almost escort good to be true. Well, now jour truth is out and it is almost stranger than fiction. For not only is Belle jour Jour real, but it emerges she is a high-flying, year-old academic by the name of Dr Brooke Magnanti.

A petite, American-born blonde, bele has a PhD candy rocks glory hole Sheffield University in informatics, epidemiology and forensic science, and escotr at the Bristol Initiative for Research for Child Health, researching the effects of exposure to pesticides on foetuses and infants.

Escort Magnanti 'outed' herself yesterday in a remarkably uncritical, three-page interview in a broadsheet newspaper.