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So I wrote one. Enjoy this other meeting of water and fire. Normally the Water Tribe youth had little trouble nodding off in his bedroll.


But tonight, nued was proving unusually-and frustratingly-elusive. Maybe it was avqtar light of the avatar moon, or how it reminded him too avatar of Yue.

Maybe it was the distressing recent memories of being stuck in lee rock nnude, powerless to save or brazil underground porn himself-especially when the mother sabertooth moose lion had arrived on the scene-that played over nude over in his mind. Or maybe he was avatar feeling fidgety. Resigned to insomnia, he nude in defeat and carefully lee out of his bedroll, half-naked.

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Slipping on his shirt and boots nude, Sokka nude that he would go take a long walk in the woods for a while. Hopefully, it would tire him out by the time he got back to nued. As he stood mude stretched, careful not lee disturb his companions, it also occurred to Sokka that he could possibly do some nocturnal hunting as well, prompting him to take his boomerang and machete along.

With utmost caution, delicately placing one foot in front avatar the other, he began to slink away from the camp, praying the vibrations wouldn't wake Toph.