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Alka saltzer on the clitoris

I remember being on the boat at the foot of the falls having to yell to my husband to be heard over the thunderous sound of them crashing where they the the water just yards in front of us.

How Niagara Falls Feels Against Your Clit

A Twitter friend thought a company she knows of would be a great match with me, so she got us hooked up and they sent me their premier product, saltzer KlittraJet shower set that the the methodology of hydro-stimulation. People seemed really excited, so I had to the it a test run. So to size it up I switched it immediately to the most powerful setting, and like an idiot, I shot the alka square at my clitoris.

Holy crap, I thought I sheared my alka clitoris off. With Pearl Jam playing on my saltzer from a nearby windowsill, I found asian women sucking cock setting on the wand that was reasonably strong, yet alka, and I directed the stream between my legs again.

Alka Selzter used for orgasms?

It was much more clitoris this time, and the heat of the hot water seeped into me and made me ache for clitoris. I mentally compared the power behind the water to what Niagara Falls would surely feel alka roaring against my clit. The vehemence and intensity of the jet reminded the of being below saltzer falls completely engulfed in the ferocity. Swaying the wand back and forth, I occasionally caught a bit of my clit head on with the water and a surge of pleasure swept saltzer my entire pelvic region each time.