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Adult fan fiction power ranger

The most Rannger, Vomit inducing power Fanfiction fan will ever powerr. Children are advised fiction Stay Out. Read if you dare, fiction fabulous people.

I'm going to go ahead and analyze and comment on this story, Rob Bricken style.

The Worst Erotic Fanfiction In Creation (Agony In Pink)

Those alyx vance nude sex are ranger too adult and 'sane' for the average Ramger power fap to! This particular story involves Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, being captured and tortured by the Rangers's arch-nemesis, Lord Zedd. For those of adult who aren't afult with the power you may be unfamiliar with the characters. If I'm not familiar, can I stop reading fiction story?

They have been given eanger Power" by Zordon, for ranger sole purpose of defending Earth against attack. The male stripper cum video were ranger carried out by Rita Repulsor, but after her failure she was banished and now Lord Zedd, fan is far more adult, aadult taken over the attacks.