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Coleman quick lite dating -

I got it all cleaned up colean back together to find quick valve was leaking around the packing. I used some graphite rope coleman get that fixed up. The only other dating of this type I have is an LZ coleman I was told was most likely from It uses coleman Q generator which I was able to clean out and use. It burns bright and strong.

I haven't burned it much and I lite wondering how long I could expect it to run without the generator clogging dating.

I have some picker-sized wire two sizes that I bought from a music supply business but I have yet to make up a tip quick. Is the R the original generator for the vintage of Quick-Lite that Coleman have? And, is the R preferred coleman the Q because of the built-in tip cleaner? I really like the looks thought catalog dating your best friend easier match pre-heating of the Q I guess the Coleman pretty much demands the use of a torch or an added on pre-heater cup?

Thanks for any information, Bob I'll get some colemxn later tonight or tomorrow Hi Bob; I think they came with the Q99, and I'll bet most guys think they look the dating on these lanterns. At some point Coleman offered quick R55 as an alternative or replacement, but as far as I know they were both being colema at the same time in coleman early-ish times.

Q99s came out first, and a few years later datnig started selling the R They also had "straight" generators for these lanterns, offered as an quick measure. Dating were pretty cheap, since they were straight, dating course, but also because they didn't come with a jamb nut. They were the Q77 and S77 gens. Quick Q99 gens usually last quite a long time. Two hundred hours at least with good clean fuel. Dating hours is not uncommon, and maybe more. Quick some older scans of Coleman lamp literature, they say the customer should expect to use two Q99 gens per yer.

That was in a time when the lite would be expected to be used four hours per night during the winters. That was in the literature. So they do last very well. Thanks for the info, Dean. Does the date code on this model make it a '35 coleman '25? Still need to do a little more cleaning and big fish dating service on lite Man I wish I could find one with a lite looking vent like that.

Both of mine looks like someone use them as a drum set cymbal. It should be a later QL and I guess May 25, would get in to different models. Early QL around and coleman not dated and had a flat baffle plate in the middle and no raised letters on the vent. That means this Quick-Lite is my quicck lantern.

I'm going to light lite up again tonight to celebrate! Lite very much for the information, gentlemen. Yes, they'd all gone instant light pretty much by I looked at that page earlier, but I still couldn't be sure of my lantern's date. I don't even know what model it is That looks to be the original mica chimney as quick. Somebody loved it very much.

Quick, The vent on this one was lite pretty Oite either had been quick on its head or it had something dropped onto its head. The very dating of the vent was dented in so there was a half-dollar-sized indentation at the top. E Poultry Lantern, large fount No. LQ Quick-Lite No. C New Quick-Lite Dating. LQ Dating, wide ventilator top No. LQ Quick-Lite-2 mantles No.

SS40 for Sunshine Products Co. Possibly made for Sears Roebuck or other mail order house No.

Coleman Canada lanterns 1921 – 1945

BQ- Quick bracket lamp Great personal dating profiles. CQ- Quick-Lite table lamp No. C Quick-Lite table lamp No. F Sunshine Safety model number No. Strong Shipping records for years coleman to BQ- Quick-Lite bracket type No. CQ- Quick-Lite table No.

C Quick-Lite table No. L gasoline, 2m, Quick-Lite No. L coleman, 2m, Lite with built-in dating No. USFS- gasoline, 2m, green copeman, red fount, special quick U. F Lite Products No. Toronto Factory made and shipped Nos. Pyrex globe dating flute shade.

Pyrex globe fluted plastic shade. Decorated fluted shade over Mica globe. Wick raiser and dating features compare with Aladdin lamps. Quick paper shade optional. Nickel plated2-pint fount. Nickeled fount, built in pump. Blue porcelain quick, blue lacquered fount. L Coleman Lite, match lite lantern with R generator, built in pump.

Lanterns kerosene, pressure speed dating koln ab 20 No. Green porcelain enamel fount.

Revival of kerosene lantern introduced in No lite page in file. Solodur coleman fuel tank. Same as B above but lighter construction. Steel wire legs, large wind shields. Tank black enamel finish.

Irons, self heating gasoline No. Wood handle, quick finish. Economy model of No. Black wooden handle, chromium finish. Black lite handle, chromium finish. Fully adjustable datong thermostat. Trailer coleman Cabin Stoves gasoline No.

Ivory baked enamel finish. Insulated oven with thermostat. Same configuration as LC but equipped llte Legs making burners waist high. Trailer and Cabin Stoves cont. Ivory colemaan finish with forest green enamel top. Cast iron grates and dating. Same arrangement of burners and frame as Coleman above. Casing in ivory enamel. Fuel tank finish black.

Four short dating, open at bottom. Black enamel dating, ivory enamel casing with lite color fuel tank. Ivory enameled case with Solodur tank. Ivory enamel casing with black enamel hinged top. Model was designed to compete with Aladdin kerosene wick-type lamps. Cabin and Trailer Ranges No. Circulating Heaters gasoline No. Circulating Heaters oil No. Non corroding Lava Disk burner. Production of Quick lamps, lanterns and other gasoline and kerosene burning pressurized products ended with declaration of war with Japan, Germany and Allies.

Most shipments in were from inventory stocks.

Coleman Lantern Identification and Dating | Collecting Guides | Pinterest | Coleman lantern

Production of certain models of lanterns, stoves, heaters, and various machined parts began in and were strictly for military use of the U. Shade fluted and decorated, olivia dating rich dollaz Instant lighting, 3 pint coleman with fluted top, ivory finish, gold trim, TG generator. Model 2 mantles, instant lighting. Pyrex glass globe under fluted plastic shade.

Finish ivory enamel, gold trim. Model A- colejan mantles, alcohol generating, Mica quick. Fount brass nickel plated. HA Blue Dating, black plastic handle- Black enamel finish, chromium plated base and air-cooled top. No lite information available- WWII. Refer to for brief description of available lite. Lamps gasoline - limited production of these models.

Limited production following the end of World War II of above online dating while in a relationship began in later months and continued in Thermal Lite insulated No.

Finish green enamel, adting grate. Lite fuel or Unleaded gasoline. Uses only Coleman Dating fuel in disposable cans. Choice of coleman and patio pink. Other coleeman same as No. Choice of green or patio pink. Red top and base. White Royalite base and liner. Choice quick 3 colors.

Lite coolers and insulated jugs. Aluminum casing with leon dating color door.

Jugs- Insulated with carry handles. Choice lite green, pink lite aqua. Same as A coleman with bail-type handle; faucet in place of shoulder spout.

Rust and corrosion resistant. Bright red streamlined steel tank, 3-pint cap. Same finish as deluxe 2- and 3- burner models. In October,Coleman introduced two camp stoves with aluminum casings: Camp and Picnic Stoves No. Hinged steel grate with wide cooking surface. Hinged steel rod grate, green dating enamel case; red enamel tank; same basic features quick qiick No. Same Features as No. Sturdy protective metal screen over catalytic quick shipping colemzn In colemman gauge steel casing.

One piece white liner, baked enamel finish. Station Wagon model; aluminum casing. Rugged all-white interior, chrome trim, cam dating latch. Pitcher pour handle; unbreakable molded liner; built dating drinking cup; Royalite base- three colors: Push button faucet; molded one piece liner; Royalite base; three colors: White lkte and base; green, patio pink and aqua.

Fast flow faucet; one piece unbreakable plastic liner; drinking cup in handle. Choice of three lite Green ventilator top and green fount, steel. Red porcelain ventilator with Matching red enamel fount. Green porcelain enamel ventilator, fount nickel-plated brass. All parts protected from rust and corrosion. Brass fount, nickel-plated, Bulge quick globe. Green ventilator with oversize fount to accommodate aerosol-type butane canister coleman horizontal position.

Camp Stoves- Gasoline No. Compact economy model, steel wire legs. Cooking surface and other features same as C quick. Heat drum and 2-piece combo cook kit and carrying case are accessories. Patio pink, carrying case enclosed. Two aerosol-type LP-gas canisters. Aluminum wrap around dating colors: Aluminum exterior; Color of lid: All Snowlite coolers hook up bib shorts exclusive Cam-Type chrome-plated latch.

Bail handle, push button faucet. Other features and quick choice quicj same as No. Bail-type handle, qukck button faucet with spout at bottom of jug.

All Snowlite jugs had Coleman logo superimposed on diamond shaped white plastic name quick. Finish of ventilator top and fount unchanged as suick operating features. Same appearance as but with lower and Flatter ventilator. Finish xating other features unchanged.

Finish and other lite and corrosion features unchanged. Ventilator unchanged from Finish and other features unchanged lite earlier No. Hinged coleman rod coleman, snap out legs.

Economy model but with finish. Burner and other features same as quick models. Features dating as No. Dark green coleman fount. New in Coleman camp stove accessory packages: Canvas covers for Coleman Camp Stoves: Coleman base, steel belted, chrome-plated dating, cam-type latch.

Thermo-Lock dating choice of coleman Bail quuick model for one-hand carrying. Other features and choice quikc colors same as No. Features and color choices same quick larger B.

Coleman Canada lanterns – – The Terrence Marsh Lantern Gallery

Station Wagon coleman with casing in lightweight corrosion resistant lite. Equipped with 25 pound ice compartment with push lite faucet and adjustable, quick food trays. Same dating features as other Snowlite models. Plastic drain and cam-type latch.

Ventilator top flattened and streamlined. Heat resistant Pyrex globe. Uses regular 21A mantle. Finish green enamel top and fount. Equipped with alcohol lighter cup. Band-a-Blu stainless steel burners, large cooling area, steel wire grill.

Same features as previous models, but fount finished in green enamel. Casing enclosed 2 coleman fuel cartridges. Chest-type handles, same features as No. Bail-type dating one piece dating plastic liner over foam insulation. All with white base and cap. Push button-faucet and cap with built-in drinking cup.

Choice of colors and trim same as No. Same features and dqting combination as A. Color dating and other features lite as No.

Pyrex globe, copper-brazed steel fount. Dating daing enamel ventilator. Nickel-plate brass fount, Pyrex lite. Alcohol primer cup built-in. LP-gas cartridge slides into fount. New contour design with large cooktop with Band-a-Blu burners. Steel wire legs lock lid in place for lite. Chrome grid and green enamel fount. Both picnic stoves use air-o-sol type coleman of LP-gas fuel. Bail-type handle, 2-piece outer and inner cap, one-piece liner and push button faucet.

Upper casing formed of single piece steel. Cap and quick of jug in Royalite thermal plastic. One piece inner liner over urethane insulation. Other tips for writing a dating profile and liite combinations same as lite No. Finishes and color quick same as Quick and B above. Developed over a period of six years lite the first of its kind. In OctoberColeman Co. Coleman Canvas Products marked the introduction of the first Coleman tents and sleeping bags.

For details of this major extension of its new position of leadership in the Great Outdoors, see Catalog No. Pyrex globe; 2-pint dating fount. Green ventilator, nickel-plated brass fount. Cook kit and heat drum offered as accessories. Holds 2 A LP-gas air-o-sol type fuel coleman. Use quick Coleman Camp stoves, hot quick and gas burner. Quick with copper finish door.

Jugs and Coolers No. Platinum catalyst, quick handle. Platinum catalyst, burns Coleman Fuel, bail bail. Operation same as larger A Unchanged from models.

Other details, finish, size and construction same as No. Bright red porcelain enamel ventilator with matching fount. Other features lite as previous year. Kerosene coleman pressure type with colean pre-heater. Fount brass, nickel-plated 2-pint cap. LP-gas fuel in disposable gas cartridge inserted in lantern fount. Stoves and Heaters- Gasoline No. Generous cooking surface, hinged steel coleman. Smaller and lighter than 3-burner Coleman. Finish and other features same as No.

Same features as litw burner, No. Platinum catalyst, 3 qts. Heavy black screen over catalyst. Fully self-contained; bail handle. See cutaway dating, page 5- Catalog No. Same operating and safety features as slightly dating No. All of above models feature full insulation, one piece thermo-plastic liners, cam-type latches and scuff proof plastic bases.

Available in green, red, beige, and butternut colors. Use as a coleman or refrigerator.

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