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1928 w502 strip card

1928 W502 Strip Card (1928) Babe Ruth #6 (Hall of Fame)

The W set includes black and white player images on the fronts and either blank backs or backs with specific actions tied card some sort of a game. The cards are similar in appearance to the F50 food issues but have different backs. The cards also correspond perfectly with the few Greiners Bread cards found to date and shares the same checklist and pictures as strip issue.

Crd set is big on stars card almost half of the cards depicting Hall of Famers. Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and 1928 Gehrig lead the way w5022 href="">voris w502 w502 there are more than 20 others enshrined in 1928 as well. PSA has graded every card in the setbut only a few or strip some cases, one of each.